Dissolve, exhibition. 2010

Exhibition at Gallery Susanne Ottesen, 2010

Installation, film and drawing

Dissolve. Double channel video. Loop 6:30 min.

The double projection “Dissolve” form a frieze across the wall, and in it we see a sequence where the camera is panning in and out, whereby the sense of inside and outside, surface and space, reality and fiction is obscured. As in a kaleidoscopic displacement of space and perspective the spectator is sucked into a universe of reflections, shimmering stripes and vibrating dots which enticingly glides across the wall and leaves the spectator in a state of spatial uncertainty and dizziness. Increasingly the room falls apart both in a physical and an abstract sense through the simple measures the artist applies, where three spatial planes or realities glides in and out of each other: the room outside, the room inside and the constructed room.